Virginia Beach

After our magical history tour, we went off to Virginia Beach to see the ocean.  This was right before #Sandy.  We stayed at an RV park right by the ocean.  It was very cool for me.  I was able to run on the beach.  I chased seagulls and crabs!  Almost one of the most fun days of all.  However, since I was soaking wet and full of sand, I had to have a bath.  Ugh.

Just gazing at the Atantic Ocean!

This is where our plans got all messed up.  We were supposed to go to the Outer Bank of North Carolina.  However, Hurricane Sandy was heading up the Atlantic so we decided to head inland.  Dad looked at a map and picked Asheville, North Carolina.  So Asheville, here we come!!!



We had to visit Monticello while in Virginia!  Another doggie friendly place since I was able to go eveywhere except the house!  How cool is that?  Again I could even ride the shuttle bus!

Michie Cabin near Monticello

Monticello is very nice and has lots of places to explore!  We also went to the Michie Tavern nearby.  It was started in 1784.  Mom and dad ate there and brought some chicken back for me!  Yummmmmmmm!

We enjoyed Monticello and believe it is worth a visit!  We visited right before Hurricane #Sandy – hope all is well in this area!!


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On to Williamsburg Virginia and Yorktown and Jamestown

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Me in the stock with dad. I think we were bad to get this treatment but not sure what it was…..

Carriage in front of the Governor’s mansion. Horsies!!!







































We went off to Williamsburg, Virginia.  What a cool place!  Mom and dad said everyone should visit this place as a reminder of history and may we always remember how this country started and how great it is!!!! Here are a number of photos from our visit to Williamsburg as well as Yorktown and Jamestown!!  I had a lot of fun since I was able to go everywhere except the historic buildings.






I was even able to ride on the shuttle bus!!

We had a GREAT time visiting colonial times and living history!  If you have never been, make sure to visit!  Doggies can go almost everywhere – it is excellent!!



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West Virginia to Virginia

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This is my dad and Beverly and Jim in front of their house in West Virginia

We visited our friends in West Virginia (Beverly and Jim).  Jim took us to visit Coopers Rock.  It was very scenic.

We also visited Pricketts Fort on a beautiful fall day.  Dogs are allowed.  They had sheep, a kitty and some chickens in the fort!

So after our visit in West Virginia, we went off to Virginia to visit friends and look at some historic sights.  Mom and dad had already visited Washington DC itself before I was born so we did not go there. One of our first places to explore was to the Manassas National Battlefield.  Dogs are allowed!  And I was able to run around and have lots of fun!

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Canton, Ohio – Pro Football Hall of Fame

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We visited the Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio!  I use the term loosely since they do not allow dogs inside.

Mom and dad like it a lot.  But if you read my blog, you know mom and dad just like football period.

Keep in mind if you plan on a visit here that the Hall of Fame is being renovated and expanded.  The renovation and expansion project will not be completed until June 1, 2013.  So mom and dad did not get to see everything.  Too bad since we do not know when we will be back in this area.

But here are the photos!!



















Next year’s Super Bowl trophy!!


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Nebraska to Wisconsin and beyond!

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We need to get caught up with what has happened lately!  We finished driving through Nebraska and then on to Iowa.  We stopped overnight in Dubuque Iowa by the dog track and casino.  There is a campground right on the Mississippi River and the dog track.  We have stayed there before and it is right on the river – pretty cool!

We left Dubuque for the Wisconsin State Fair RV Park in West Allis, Wisconsin (right outside of Milwaukee).  We stay there every time we go to the Milwaukee area.  The location is great.  It is close to Miller Park and downtown Milwaukee and also the suburbs where family lives.  Plus, I get to walk through the State Fair grounds.  Boy the smells are great there!  If you are a dog, you must stroll through these grounds!

On our first full day in Wisconsin, we went to my human nephew’s soccer game in Greendale, Wisconsin.

Here is a photo of mom and Sophie!

Sophie and my mom












Then mom had Sophie and Brayden make a purse birthday cake for their mom.  It was pink with a licorice handle and M&M trim.  They would not let me have candy since candy is bad for doggies.  Bummer.

Here is a photo of the cake!!

Sophie, Brayden, and the birthday cake!

The next day all the humans went to the last Milwaukee Brewer game of the season.  The Brewers did not make the playoffs but fun was had by all my humans.

Here are photos to prove it!!!!!

Bernie Brewer with Sophie and Brayden

The Brat (as in bratwurst) with Sophie and Brayden

Outside Miller Park

Halloween is coming up as you know.  Nearby were some BIG pumpkins!

Here are the photos!

Me on a Green Bay Packer pumpkin

Off we went to make sure I had some photo ops at Miller Park.  This is a photo of me with Bob Uecker statue.  Bob Uecker is funny!

The next day, we got a birthday cake for my human brother (Damon).  He is a soccer coach so see all of the soccer balls???

Soccer Ball cake

And of course we all got green tongues from the green frosting!  Hehe.

The next day we left Wisconsin and drove to Indiana on our way east.  We stopped at this really cool RV park in Mt. Eaton.  It had a dog wash – can you believe it?  I had baths so I convinced mom and dad NOT to give me one even if it was cool.

This was also Amish country and there were lots of horses and buggies.  Talk about cool smells.  And I also love horses.

After Indiana, we drove through Ohio on our way to the Football Hall of Fame.

I am going to have a separate blog post for the Hall of Fame.

After Ohio, we drove through a sliver of West Virginia on our way to Pennsylvania.  Hard to believe unless you look at a map!  Check it out!

We explored eastern Pennsylvania on our way to West Virginia to meet up with some friends of Dad’s in Morgantown WV.

This morning we went to the University of West Virginia football stadium.  More photo ops for me!  Yippee!










Mom and dad are cranky since the Verizon internet and cell coverage is non-existent around Morgantown, West Virginia.  Keep that in mind if you head this way.  AT&T rules here even though we get great Verizon coverage everywhere else in the country.  Go figure!

Later peoples.  Check out my Hall of Fame blog post later.

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On the Road Again………..

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Sept23 InTruck

On the road!!

We left Reno on Sunday and drove all the way to Kaysville, Utah.  We stopped for the night and got up early to drive some more.  We stopped the next night in Cheyenne, Wyoming at a KOA.  We got up early the next morning on a mission to find Oregon Trail ruts near Guernsey, Wyoming.  They are very cool!  Here are some photos of me by the ruts!

By the Oregon Trail ruts

Oregon Trail Ruts is a preserved site of wagon ruts of the Oregon Trail on the North Platte River, about 0.5 miles south of Guernsey, Wyoming. After visiting the ruts, we left to go visit Fort Laramie.   Here are some photos.  Dogs are allowed!

After Fort Laramie, we stopped by Chimney Rock.  This was a landmark for the settlors on the Oregon Trail.

After our touring, we stopped in Sidney, Nebraska at the RV by Cabela’s.  There were lots of dogs traveling with their humans!  What fun! In the morning we got up to get to Buffalo Bill Cody’s Ranch in Nebraska.  They allow dogs and inside the house also.  Dad had to carry me inside but that was ok by me.  There were real buffalo there!  I was smelling around like crazy.

After the ranch, we went under the Great Platte River Raod Archway.  We did not stop but dad said someday we will!!!
Tomorrow we are heading off again.  Our ultimate destination for this week is Wisconsin.  Go Packers!  And hopefully they do not get cheated out of a touchdown again!!!  Boo on the replacement refs!!

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